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Unknown or Missing Y

A Young Man's Song- Nuggets Of The Golden State

The Yardbird Years

The Yards

The Year Of Da Grind 3

The Year You Were Born [Vinyl]

The Yellow And Black Attack Is Back

Y (Pseudo Youth...Human) 03/14/00

Y El Conjunto Borincano

Y El Septeto Caribe

Y El Son

Y La Crisis

Y Not

Y T (Best Of '81-85)

Y'all (The "Hey Y'all" Soundtrack) 02/26/02



Y2k Recorded Live




Y?N Vee

Ya Dum Di Dum

Ya Foy

Ya Lo Se Que Tu Te Vas

Ya No Hace Falta

Ya Tu Sabe

Ya Ya

Ya-Ya (Ya-Ya's The Name) 07/18/00

Yabba Dabba Dance V.6

Yabby You (Fleeing From The Cit)

Yabby You (Yabby You Meets Mad Professor And Bl) 03/04/98

Yachiyo No Kaze (Cds Only)

Yacopsae (Einstweilige Vernichtung) 09/24/01

Yaguaru (Conga Y Timbal) 08/23/01

Yaguaru (Corazoncito Pum Pum) 10/17/01

Yaguaru (Disco De Oro) 12/06/01

Yaguaru (En Vivo Plaza Mexico) 12/06/01

Yaguaru (Entre Almohadas) 09/04/01

Yaguaru (Lo Bueno Lo Traigo Yo) 04/29/97

Yaguaru (Lo Mejor De..) 01/15/02

Yaguaru (Sentimiento Y Sabor) 09/04/01

Yaire (Yaire) 04/10/01

Yakov Flier. F. Chopin. Mazurkas (2 Cd)

Yalla (Beard Of The Camel) 12/08/99

Yalla (Jinouni) 12/08/99

Yallo (Hitlist Egypt) 11/20/97

Yamparika Singers (Starting Young) 10/20/97

Yank Rachell

Yank! (Original Cast Recording)

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Yankee Ingenuity (Heatin' Up The Hall) 06/06/97

Yanni (Dare To Dream)

Yanni (In Celebration Of Life)

Yanni (In My Time)

Yanni (In The Mirror) 04/15/97

Yanni (Live @ The Acropolis)

Yanni (Love Songs) 04/13/99

Yanni (Port Of Mystery) 04/24/97

Yanni (Reflections Of Passion)

Yanni (The Music Of) 10/26/01

Yanni (The Private Years (5cd)) 10/12/99

Yanni (The Very Best Of) 10/10/00

Yanni (Winter Light) 09/19/00

Yannick Noah

Yara (Waiting For The Big Rain) 12/08/99


Yardbirds (Five Live Yardbirds)

Yardbirds (Greatest Hits Vol.)

Yardbirds (Little Game Sessions) 10/21/96

Yardbirds (Roger The Engineer) 11/11/97

Yardbirds (Ultimate (2cd)) 07/31/01

Yas Yas Girl 1937-1941

Yat-Kha (Dalai-Beldiri) 04/13/99

Yatsura (Ipulpo) 06/06/97

Yatsura (We Are...) 09/10/96

Yawar (Desde Los Andes A Liverpool) 06/19/00

Yay-City Edition Two

Yaz (The Best Of) 09/14/99

Yaz (Upstairs At Eric's)

Yaz (You Me Both)

Ydrogeies Sfaires

Year The Sun Died

Year Zero

Year Zero

Years Of Refusal

Years Of Refusal (Audiocd) Italian Import


Yell & Ice

Yello (Essential) 11/21/97

Yello (Flag)

Yello (One Second)

Yello (Stella)

Yello (You Gotta Say Yes To)

Yello (Zebra) 11/20/97

Yellow Baloon (Yellow Baloon) 02/17/98

Yellow Pills (1/Best Of American Pop)

Yellowjackets (Blue Hats) 02/11/97

Yellowjackets (Collection) 02/17/99

Yellowjackets (Dreamland) 08/08/95

Yellowjackets (Like A River)

Yellowjackets (Live Wires)

Yellowjackets (Mirage A Trois)

Yellowjackets (Priceless Jazz) 02/10/98

Yellowjackets (Run For Your Life)

Yellowjackets (Samurai Samba)

Yellowjackets (The Best Of) 12/14/99

Yellowjackets (Yellowjackets)

Yellowman (A Feast Of Yellow Dub) 11/30/01

Yellowman (Bad Boy Skanking)

Yellowman (Blueberry Hill) 11/14/00

Yellowman (Freedom Of Speech) 09/23/97

Yellowman (Galong,Galong,Galong)

Yellowman (King Yellowman Josie) 05/06/99

Yellowman (King Yellowman)

Yellowman (Live At Reggae Sunsplash)

Yellowman (Message To The World) 01/26/96

Yellowman (Mister Yellowman)

Yellowman (Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt)

Yellowman (One In A Million)

Yellowman (Party) 11/30/01

Yellowman (Prayer) 11/30/01

Yellowman (Reggae On The Move) 11/30/01

Yellowman (Rides Again) 11/30/01

Yellowman (Them A Mad Over Me) 03/03/98

Yellowman (Yellowman) 06/24/97

Yellowman (Zungguzungguguzungguzeng )

Yellowman (Zungguzungu) 05/06/99

Yellowman Fathead (Chronic) 07/13/99

Yellowman Fathead (One Yellow Man) 03/03/98

Yemenite Songs

Yentl (Film Sndtrk)

Yerevan Chamber Choir (Music Of Komitas Vartabe) 08/11/00



Yes ("90125")

Yes (2/Evening Of Yes Music Plus)

Yes (Big Generator)

Yes (Keys To Ascension) 10/29/96

Yes (Symphonic Music Of)

Yes (Yesstory)

Yes It Is.

Yes Yes (Versiones 100 Sonideras) 10/03/00

Yesenia/Gitanos (Mi Corazon Se Fue) 06/17/98

Yesshows/Expanded (Original Recording Re


Yesterday & Today [Vinyl]

Yesterday And Today (The U.S. Album)

Yesterday And Today 45th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Yesterday Went Too Soon

Yevgeny Sudbin Plays Scriabin

Yiddish Folksongs (Various)

Yind (Yind) 09/24/99

Ying Yang Twins 'Me My Brother'

Ying Yang Twins (Alley Return Of The Ying Yang) 03/26/02

Yinn's (15 Exitos) 11/13/96

Yinn's (15 Exitos) 12/23/98

Yinn's (Cuanto Te Quiero)

Yinn's (Cuanto Te Quiero) 02/07/00

Yinn's (Desnudando Tu Recuerdo) 09/25/01

Yinn's (Hasta El Fin) 05/13/98

Yips (Blue Flannel Bathrobe) 06/06/97

Yips (Seven Pillars Of The Yips) 11/12/99

Yitzhak, Alone, Holding On

Yndio (16 Exitos De Oro)

Yndio (Edicion Limitada) 04/16/02

Yndio (Lo Mejor De Lo Mejor)

Yndio (Nuestras Mejores Canciones)

Yndio (Oro Grupero) 06/04/02

Yo Frankie

Yo Gotti (From Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game) 10/10/00

Yo Gotti (Self Explanatory) 05/22/01

Yo Mama

Yo Philadelphia- Look What I Found

Yo Se Que (Recordaras) 03/22/01

Yo Se Que Recordaras

Yo Se Que Te Acordaras (Lo Mejor)

Yo Se Que Te Acordaras (Vol.3)

Yo Soy

Yo Soy

Yo Soy Del Son A La Salsa (1997 Film)

Yo Soy La Mujer

Yo Soy Tejano

Yo Tengo Lo Mio

Yo Yo ( Total Control) 09/24/96

Yo Yo (Total Control) 09/24/96

Yo Yo Honey (Voodoo Soul)

Yo! Bum Rush The Show

Yo-Yo's (Uppers And Downers) 07/18/00

Yoakam,Dwight (Guitars,Cadillacs,Etc.)

Yoakam,Dwight (South Of Heaven,West Of Hell) 10/02/01

Yoga Zone (Music For Meditation) 09/15/98

Yoga Zone (Music For Yoga Practice) 09/15/98

Yogaku Hits Songs '70s-'80s Ballads

Yogie (Miracles) 06/05/01

Yolanda (Creole Woman) 02/25/00

Yolocamba I Ta (Cara O Cruz) 06/06/97

Yolotecuani (Traditional Dance Music) 07/21/98

Yong Yuan De Wei Xiao

Yonic's (16 Exitos De Oro)

Yonic's (25 Aniversario) 12/12/00

Yonic's (Con Mariachi/16 Exitos De Oro)

Yonic's (Edicion Limitada) 04/16/02

Yonic's (Serie 32) 11/13/01

Yonic's (Tba) 04/30/02

Yonic's (Viajero Del Amor) 07/24/01

Yonic's Vs. Miramar (16 Exitos Con Mariachi) 03/05/02

Yonic's/Industria (Romanticos Del Siglo) 09/04/01

Yoop It Up

Yoopy Do Wah

Yoris Band's (Y Como Te Va Con El) 07/10/00

Yoruba Andavo (Yoruba Andavo) 07/23/98

Yoshida Brothers 15th Aniversary New Album

Yoshiki Selection

Yoshimatsu (Kamui-Chikap Sym./Fujioka) 08/29/00

Yoshimatsu (Sax Cto.Sym.No.3/Fujioka) 06/23/99

Yoshimatsu (Sym.No.4/Fujioka) 12/06/01


You & Me

You & Me

You All Look The Same To Me

You and me both

You Are Alive

You Are All I See

You Are Being Lied To

You Are Here

You Are Here (Import)

You Are I Am

You Are The One

You Are The Quarry

You Are The Quarry

You Call That A Mountain

You Call That Dark

You Can Depend On Me

You Can See The Ocean From Here

You Can't Have Everything

You Could Have It So Much Better

You Don't Have To ( When You're In/Jewish)

You Don't Know Doc (Acme Wise-Guy Edition) 05/23/00

You Don't Know Doc (Coast-To-Coast Edition) 05/23/00

You Drive Me Crazy

You Get What You Give

You Go Girl!

You Got It

You Gotta Walk It Like You Tal

You Gotta Walk Itli

You Have Killed Me

You Have Killed Me Pt.1

You Have The Power To Share The Light

You In Black & White

You Just Wouldn't Believe It!

You Know For Kids

You Love Us

You Love Us

You Lucky People

You Made Me

You Me Bullets Love

You Mean So Much To Me

You Mean The World To Me

You Might Be One Of Us...

You Move

You Move Me [Dance Remixes] [8 Remixes]

You Move Me [Dance Remxies] [8 Track Remixes]

You Must Belive In Spring

You Nasty

You Never Understand Me

You Only Live Twice (Film Sndtrk) 10/18/96

You Only Live Twice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

You Or Me

You Really Got Me

You Rock My World

You Say Ah

You Shine

You Should Dream

You Sing The Hits Of Bette Midler

You Talk

You Taught My Heart To Sing

You Told Me To Sing

You Were There

You Will Die

You Will Have Your Revenge

You Won't Come To My Funeral

You [Single-Cd]

You'd Be Nice To Come Home To

You'll Know It's Me

You're A Pezhead

You're A Sweetheart

You're All I Need

You're Living All Over Me

You're Living All Over+3

You're Me

You're Mine (Vip)

You're Mine You 1939-50

You're My Best Friend/Harmony/Country Boy

You're My Favourite Waste Of Time

You're My One And Only

You're Not Alone

You're So Smart

You're Telling Me

You're Wreckin Me

You've Been Good

You've Got A Friend

You've Got Mail (Film Sndtrk) 12/01/98

Young /Useless (Songs For Total World Destruct) 06/28/01

Young Americans (Mlps)

Young At Heart

Young Bleed (My Balls My Word) 01/20/98

Young Bleed (My Own) 02/01/00

Young Fogies (Young Fogies)

Young Fresh Fellows (Electric Bird Digest)

Young Fresh Fellows (Men Who Loved Music)

Young Fresh Fellows (This Ones For The Ladies) 07/27/00

Young Fresh Fellows (Totally Lost)

Young Jesse (I'm Gone) 11/24/98

Young Lions (The Young Lions) 06/20/00

Young Lo (Life In General) 05/02/00

Young M.C. (Stone Cold Rhymin') 02/20/01

Young M.C. (Stone Cold Rhymin') 04/28/98

Young Man Running

Young Man With A Horn

Young Millionaires (Grippin' Grain) 06/05/01

Young Mountain [Vinyl]

Young N Da Restless (The Motion Picture) 06/19/01

Young Olympians (N.O.Jazz Classics)

Young Rebel

Young Ren (Undaground Mailroad) 07/27/99

Young Rollins (Sevilla) 11/13/01

Young Sexy (Stand Up For Your Mother) 03/26/02

Young Soldierz (Young Soldierz)

Young Southern Playas (Dirty 3rd) 10/24/00

Young Twan (Titan) 03/19/02

Young,Faron (Live In Branson,Mo.Usa)

Young,Faron (Price,Ray) 09/05/01

Young,Lester (4/In Washington,D.C.) 12/13/01

Young-D (The Mind Of A Mexican) 04/05/02

Young-Holt Unlimited (Live At The Bohemian Cave) 05/16/00

Young-Holt Unlimited (Oh Girl/Somethin' Sanctif) 07/27/99

Youngbloods (Best Of)

Youngbloods (Get Together/Elephant Mountain) 05/03/99

Your Arsenal (Cd+ )

Your Body

Your Chaos Days

Your Cheatin Heart

Your Favorite Disaster

Your Favorite Mozart (Various) 02/21/97

Your Ghost

Your Heart From The Lost Highway Cd Pass It Around

Your Indentured Servants

Your Inner Child

Your Journey Begins

Your Love

Your Love Of Music Will Be An Important Part Of Your Life

Your Luck's Changed Cd Uk Epic 1989

Your Name Digital Songbook

Your New Favourite Band

Your Own Thing (Original Cast Recording) 11/23/99

Your Place

Your Songs

Your Time

Your Water

Your Words

Your World & My World

Yours For The Taking

Youth Against Fascism (Hate Song)

Youth Asylum (We Are Young Americans)

Youth Brigade (Come Again) 04/24/97

Youth Brigade (Happy Hour) 04/24/97

Youth Brigade (Out Of Print) 11/17/98

Youth Brigade (Sink With Kalifornija) 04/24/97

Youth Brigade (To Sell The Truth) 05/07/96

Youth For Christ (Higher) 11/09/99

Youth Gone Wild (1/80's Heavy Metal Hits) 03/26/96

Youth Gone Wild (2/80's Heavy Metal Hits) 03/26/96

Youth Gone Wild (3/80's Heavy Metal Hits) 03/26/96

Youth Gone Wild (4/80's Heavy Metal Hits) 06/16/98

Youth Of Today (Break Down The Walls) 11/18/97

Youth Of Today (Can't Close My Eyes) 11/11/97

Youth Of Today (We're Not In This Alone) 11/11/97

Youth Of Today (Youth Of Today) 02/08/96

Youthful Praise (Awesome God) 01/22/02

Yoyo's (Mi Unico Camino) 05/31/00

Ysaye (Sonatas For Solo Vln./Castleman) 12/14/99


Yugoslavia (Village Music Of) 02/28/95

Yukon Sampler V

Yule Be Wiggling


Yulya Sings Russian Folk Songs

Yumas (15 Grandes Exitos) 11/13/97



Yumyum Tree

Yun Gunz In The Dirty 3rd

Yungstar ( Throwed Yung Playa) 02/22/00

Yungstar ((Chopped Screwed)Throwed Yung Playa) 07/04/00

Yungstar (3/(Screwed Chopped)Throwed Yung Pla) 08/15/00

Yungstar (3/Throwed Yung Playas) 06/20/00

Yungstar (Ballin Underground (Freestyles)) 12/25/02

Yungstar (Throwed Yung Playa) 02/01/00

Yvette (Yvette) 04/24/01

Yz (The Ghetto's Been Good To Me)

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