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764-Hero (Get Here And Stay) 10/20/98

764-Hero (Salt Sinks And Sugar Floats) 10/22/96

764-Hero (We're Solids) 10/07/97

764-Hero (Weekends Of Sound) 07/18/00

Building Nothing Out Of Something

Built To Spill (There's Nothing Wrong With Love)

Built To Spill (W/Caustic Resin) 10/30/96

Bustle Out (1/Rebel Radio Master Sessions) 07/11/00

Butterfly Train (Building Distrust From Trust)

Butterfly Train (Distorted,Retarded, Peculiar) 01/26/96

Caustic Resin (Fly Me To The Moon) 11/20/96

Dark Fantastic (Goodbye Crooked Scar) 04/24/01

Dark Fantastic (The Dark Fantastic) 05/18/99

Duster (1975) 11/02/99

Duster (Contemporary Movement) 08/22/00

Duster (Stratosphere) 02/24/98

Enemymine (The Ice In Me) 10/17/00

Every Night For You

Go Where You Wanna Go

Hush Harbor (Hush Harbor) 07/11/95

Incredible Force Of Junior (Let The World Fall Apart) 07/11/96

Juned (Juned)

Juned [Vinyl]

Land Of The Loops (Bundle Of Joy) 06/13/96

Land Of The Loops (Refried Treats) 03/20/97

Modest Mouse (The Lonesome Crowded West) 10/07/97

Modest Mouse Interstate 8 Audio Cd

My Pleasure

Octant (Car Alarms And Crickets) 09/19/00

Octant (Shock-No-Par) 08/10/99

Pastels (Illuminati) 01/08/99

Pastels (Illumination) 10/07/97

Pastels (Mobile Safari) 01/12/96

Polar Goldie Cats (Polar Night Stress) 03/06/01

Puttering About A Small Land

Quasi (Field Studies) 09/07/99

Quasi (R B Transmogrification) 03/11/97

Satisfact (The Unwanted Sounds Of) 08/06/96

Sukpatch (Haulin' Grass Smokin' Ass) 02/25/97

This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About

Up And Away

Up In Orbit

Violent Green (Eros)

Violent Green (From Cycles Of Heat) 07/17/97

Violent Green (Hangovers) 07/07/98

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