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Luther ((Sacd)Never Too Much) 02/21/00

Luther (Always Forever) 09/22/98

Luther (Any Love)

Luther (Best Of Love) 05/30/01

Luther (Busy Body)

Luther (Classic 3-Pack) 06/25/98

Luther (Greatest Hits) 11/16/99

Luther (I Know) 08/11/98

Luther (Love Is On The Way) 04/23/98

Luther (Luther Vandross) 06/19/01

Luther (Never Let Me Go)

Luther (Never Too Much) 07/24/01

Luther (Night I Fell In Love)

Luther (Power Of Love) 07/24/01

Luther (Smooth Love) 11/15/00

Luther (Songs)

Luther (Super Hits) 08/22/00

Luther (Ve The One You're With)

Luther (Your Secret Love) 10/01/96

Luther - Always Forever - The Classics

Luther - Greatest Hits

Luther - One Night With You...

Luther - Songs

Luther - Super Hits

Luther - This Is Christmas

One Night W/You) 09/30/97

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