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Ari (I Just Want To Thank You Lord) 11/09/99

Dreamsville) 01/25/00

Great Songs) 02/28/95

Jimmie (Do You Get The Blues ) 09/11/01

Jimmie (Out There) 06/09/98

Jimmie (Strange Pleasure)

Jimmie - Do You Get The Blues

Jimmie - Out There

Jimmie - Strange Pleasure

Keli (The Quiet Earth) 04/16/98

Maurice (Generic Blues)

Maurice John (Dangerous Road) 06/26/01

Sarah (1/Complete)

Sarah (1/Duke Ellington Songbook)

Sarah (16 Most Requested Songs)

Sarah (1944-1946) 11/10/97

Sarah (1946-1947) 04/20/98

Sarah (1950-1954) 09/14/99

Sarah (1960-1964) 09/14/99

Sarah (2/Complete)

Sarah (2/Duke Ellington Songbook)

Sarah (20 Selections) 11/10/99

Sarah (3/Complete)

Sarah (After Hours) 03/11/97

Sarah (All Time Greats) 04/03/01

Sarah (At Mister Kelly's)

Sarah (Ballads) 03/26/02

Sarah (Benny Carter Sessions)

Sarah (Best Of Sarah Vaughan)

Sarah (Billy Holiday/Jazz Divas (2cd)) 09/27/00

Sarah (Brazilian Romance)

Sarah (Cocktail Hour (2-Cd)) 09/15/99

Sarah (Come Rain Or Come Shine) 03/23/01

Sarah (Compact Jazz)

Sarah (Complete Musicraft Master Takes) 04/16/01

Sarah (Copacabana)

Sarah (Count Basie/Send In The Clowns) 09/13/00

Sarah (Crazy Mixed Up)

Sarah (Crazy Mixed Up) 04/10/02

Sarah (Embraceable You) 10/30/01

Sarah (Embraceable You) 11/29/96

Sarah (Essential/The Great Songs)

Sarah (Everything I Have Is Yours) 11/04/97

Sarah (Favorites) 07/22/97

Sarah (Favorites) 09/06/01

Sarah (Finest Hour) 06/13/00

Sarah (Fitzgerald/Irving Berlin Always)

Sarah (Forever Gold) 05/25/99

Sarah (Forever Gold) 10/17/00

Sarah (Golden Hits)

Sarah (Great Moments) 06/29/00

Sarah (Greatest Hits)

Sarah (How Long Has This Been Going On )

Sarah (I Love Brazil)

Sarah (In The City Of Lights(2-Cd)) 05/20/99

Sarah (Incomparable) 04/17/01

Sarah (Irving Berlin Sngbk)

Sarah (Is Is Jazz) 09/24/96

Sarah (It's A Man's World) 04/23/02

Sarah (Jazz Profile) 03/24/98

Sarah (Linger Awhile) 01/11/00

Sarah (Lover Man) 10/26/99

Sarah (Memories (5cd)) 07/19/00

Sarah (Misty)

Sarah (Rodgers Hart Songbook)

Sarah (Sarah Sings Soulfull)

Sarah (Sarah Vaughan In Hi-Fi) 04/29/97

Sarah (Sarah Vaughan) 01/31/02

Sarah (Sassy Sings And Swings) 07/22/97

Sarah (Sassy Swings The Tiv)

Sarah (Send In The Clowns) 07/18/95

Sarah (Send In The Clowns) 12/13/01

Sarah (September Song)

Sarah (September Song) 03/30/00

Sarah (Sings The Mancini Songbook) 07/21/98

Sarah (Sings The Poetry Of Pope John Pa) 05/15/00

Sarah (Slow And Sassy) 07/15/97

Sarah (Soft Sassy)

Sarah (Sophisticated Lady) 04/24/01

Sarah (Swinging Easy)

Sarah (The Divine One) 04/09/02

Sarah (The Divine Sarah Vaughan)

Sarah (The Gold Collection) 05/15/00

Sarah (The Man I Love) 07/07/99

Sarah (The Many Moods Of) 04/21/98

Sarah (The Roulette Years)

Sarah (The Very Best Of) 01/27/98

Sarah (Through The Years) 02/13/98

Sarah (Trouble Is Man) 09/27/00

Sarah (Verve Jazz Masters 42) 04/18/95

Sarah (W/Count Basie/Send In The Clowns) 04/23/01

Sarah (You're Mine You) 07/01/97

Sarah (Young/Town Hall Concert 1947) 03/25/97

Sarah - Gershwin Live

Sarah - Sarah Vaughan In Hi-Fi (Remastered)

Sarah - The Roulette Years

Send In The Clowns(Remaste

Stevie Ray ((Sacd)Couldn't Stand The We) 07/10/00

Stevie Ray ((Sacd)Texas Flood) 07/10/00

Stevie Ray (2/The Real Deal) 03/23/99

Stevie Ray (Blues At Sunrise) 04/04/00

Stevie Ray (Couldn't Stand The Weather) 03/23/99

Stevie Ray (Greatest Hits) 10/31/95

Stevie Ray (In Step) 03/23/99

Stevie Ray (In The Beginning)

Stevie Ray (Live At Carnegie Hall) 07/29/97

Stevie Ray (Live At Montreux 1982 1985) 11/20/01

Stevie Ray (Live)

Stevie Ray (Sky Is Crying)

Stevie Ray (Soul To Soul) 03/23/99

Stevie Ray (Texas Flood) 03/23/99

Stevie Ray (Trib:Pickin' On:A Bluegrass) 01/23/01

Stevie Ray - Blues At Sunrise

Stevie Ray - Couldn't Stand The Weather

Stevie Ray - Couldn't Stand The Weather (Remastered)

Stevie Ray - In Step (Remastered)

Stevie Ray - Live Alive

Stevie Ray - Live From Carnegie Hall

Stevie Ray - Srv

Stevie Ray - Texas Flood (Expanded Version)

Stevie Ray - Texas Flood (Remastered)

Stevie Ray - The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble

Stevie Ray - The Sky Is Crying

Tribute To Stevie) 08/06/96

Tribute/Crossfire) 07/18/96

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