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99 Songs Of A Revolution

A Celebration Of Gay Pride

A Fistful Of Rock N' Roll Vol 8

Abhinanda (Abhinanda) 07/01/97

Adiccion Tradicion Y Revolucion

Against All Odds


All Hail The End

All Out War

Alpha Jerk (Alpha Jerk)

Are You Serious

Area 51

Arrivals & Departures

As The Last Light Drains

Ascension (Abomination) 07/22/99

Assassins In The House Of God


Atreyu (Suicide Notes Butterfly Kisses) 06/04/02

Baby Gopal (Baby Gopal) 10/15/96

Bad Mother Trucker


Beneath The Wheel

Blood For Blood (Livin' N Exile) 06/29/99

Blood For Blood (Wasted Youth Brew) 04/24/01

Bloodlet (Entheogen) 03/26/96

Bloodlet (The Seraphim Fall) 03/10/98

Bright Flashes



Burning Heads (Escape) 09/12/00

Bury The Hatchet

By The Grace Of God (By The Grace Of God(Ep)) 05/14/96

By The Grace Of God (By The Grace Of God) 07/01/97

Can't Stop The Truth

Catch 22 (Alone In A Crowd) 10/10/00

Catch 22 (Washed Out) 11/20/01

Catch 22 (Washed Up ) 10/19/99

Catch 22 Live

Cause For Alarm (Birth After Birth) 09/23/97

Cause For Alarm (Cheaters The Cheated) 01/14/97

Cause For Alarm (Nothing Ever Dies) 11/21/00

Cause For Alarm (Warzone/Split Ep) 11/21/95

Cockney Rejects (Back On The Street) 08/08/00

Condemned To Suffer


Culture Killed The Native


Dance Of The Wicked

Deadguy (Fixation On A Co-Worker) 01/17/96

Deliver Us

Designs For Automotion


Destroy The Machines [Vinyl]

Difference Between Hell & Home

Dinosaur Sounds

Earth Crisis (1991-2001) 10/09/01

Earth Crisis (Destroy The Machines)


Electric Frankenstein ((Cd G)Annie's Grave) 02/06/01

Electric Frankenstein (I'm Not Your Nothing) 01/26/99

Electric Frankenstein (The Buzz Of A 1000 Volts) 09/11/01

End Transmission

End Transmission [Vinyl]



Everything Goes Numb

Fanbelt Algebra

Few & Far Between

Fight For Justice

Final Exit (Teg) 07/01/97


Five Stories Falling

Flat Iron Years

Flesh And Blood

For Those Who Have Heart [Vinyl]

Fragile Future

Friends Lies & End Of The World

Fury Of Five (This Time It's Personal) 03/21/00

Grade (Triumph Tragedy) 08/03/99

Grade (Under The Radar) 10/12/99

Guilt (Bardstown Ugly Box)

Guilt (Further) 01/14/97

Hands That Thieve

Hands That Thieve

Hate To Be Loved

Hatebreed (Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire) 11/11/97

Hatebreed (Under The Knife) 07/01/97

Headfirst Straight To Hell

Hey Punk...Get Riddim

Hi Fi The Roadburners (Live In Fear City) 07/15/97




How To Make A Monster

Humanity Is The Devil


Iceburn (Firon) 05/29/98

Idle Hands

If Only You Were Lonely Version B

In This Defiance

Integrity (Humanity Is The Devil) 02/27/96

Integrity (In Contrast Of Tomorrow) 08/07/01

Into The Killing Fields


Jesus Christ Bobby

June (June Victory The Bayou Renagade) 02/23/98

Keasbey Nights

Kill The House Lights (W/ )

Kings At Crime


Last Of The Sane

Lift The Curse

Line In The Sand

Live At The Ritz

Live By The Code

Live Earth Crisis

Memory And Humanity

Motorhead (Tribute/Built For Speed) 03/30/99

Never Kill The Boy On The First Date

Now And Forever

Ny City Takeover 1

Old Record

Omega Sessions

On A Fine Spring Evening

Only The Strong 1999

Os101 (Pura Vida) 07/25/00

Os101 (United Brotherhood Of Scenesters) 09/29/98

Permanent Revolution

Pray For Death

Purusam (The Way Of The Dying Race) 07/01/97

Raid (Hands Off The Animals)

Reach The Sky (So Far From Home) 10/05/99

Refused (Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent) 06/26/96

Revenge On Society

Ringworm (Birth Is Pain) 10/23/01

Rootical Vibrations

Run Devil Run (Sinking Deeper) 07/11/00

Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire

Screamin With The Deadguy Quintet

Seasons In The Size Of Days


Shield (Vampiresongs) 07/01/97


Silverstein Discovering The Waerfrom Cd

Skarhead (Kings At Crime) 01/26/99

Slave To The Game

Smash The Control Machine

Snowdogs (Animal Farm) 03/12/02

So Far From Home [Vinyl]

So Sedated So Secure

So Sedated So Secure (Reis)

Somewhere In The Between

Sounds Like Armageddon

Southern California Street Music

Speaker Of The Dead

Spit My Last Breath


Steady As She Goes

Stigmata (Do Unto Others...) 05/09/00

Still Dedicated

Strength Through Vengeance

Strike (Shots Heard Round The World) 03/23/99

Student Rick (Soundtrack For A Generation) 10/09/01

Sunlight At Secondhand

Survival Of The Fittest

Switchblade Serenades

Symptoms + Cures

Systems Overload

Systems Overload [Vinyl]

Taking Back Sunday (Tell All Your Friends) 03/26/02

Taking Back Sunday A Decade Under The Influence

Tell All Your Friends (2002) By Taking Back Sunday

Tell All Your Friends [Vinyl]

Terror Regime

The Darker Shades Of White

The Embarrassing Beginning

The Emerald City

The Faithless

The Great Misdirect

The Respect Issue

The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

The Walking Wounded

Three Humid Nights In The Cypress Trees

Through The Noise

Thumb (3) 07/10/01

Thumb (Exposure) 06/23/98

Tipping The Scales

True Sound Of The Underground

Truth Through Defiance



Underneath The Underground

Undoing Ruin

Victory Style 4

Victory Years

Victory:Singles (1989-1992/Var:Rock)



Wake The Dead

Warzone (Lower East Side) 03/26/96

Warzone (Sound Of Revolution) 10/01/96

Watch It Burn

What Separates Me From You

When 20 Summers Pass

When Broken Is Easily Fixed

When Broken Is Easily Fixed

Where You Want To Be

Where You Want To Be [Vinyl]

Who Dares Wins

Will Love Life

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