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Gene (2/Gene Vincent The Blue Caps) 08/27/01

Gene (2/Rebel Heart) 08/17/00

Gene (4/Rebel Heart) 06/12/97

Gene (Ain't That Too Much) 12/13/94

Gene (Be-Bop-A-Lula)

Gene (Be-Bop-A-Lula) 04/24/98

Gene (Capitol Collectors Series) 10/21/96

Gene (Rebel Heart) 04/04/00

Gene (Rocks The Blue Caps Roll/Record) 04/14/98

Gene (Roots Of Rock N' Roll) 07/16/98

Gene (Sounds Like.../Crazy Times) 04/14/98

Gene (The Legend At His Best) 04/04/00

Gene (The Screaming End) 04/02/98

Gene (Untitled) 11/05/01

Gene - Ain't That Too Much - Challenge Sessions

John (Presents The Vin Story) 06/27/00

Lucky 13) 08/29/00

Opera In Three Acts 2 Cd Set

Read To Me

Rhonda (Back Home Again) 01/11/00

Rhonda (The Storm Still Rages) 06/05/01

Rhonda (Trouble Free) 02/06/96

Vincent And The Big Bad Kitchen Band

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