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Virgin Records America

3 Album [Vinyl]

3rd Force (Collective Force/The Very Best Of) 03/28/00


5th Ward Boyz (Usual Suspects) 11/18/97


A Ma Zone

A Tatons

A-G-2-A-Ke (Mil-Ticket) 08/25/98


Adiemus (Dances Of Time) 03/23/99

Adiemus (The Eternal Knot) 01/23/01

Adiemus (The Journey) 01/25/00

Adventures In Afropea (3/Telling Stories To The) 03/28/00

Adventures In Afropea 1

Afro Celt Sound System - Volume 1 - Sound Magic

After 7 (Reflections) 07/18/95

After 7 (Very Best Of) 03/11/97

Alone With Everybody

Altan (Blackwater) 06/11/96

Altan (Runaway Sunday) 10/21/97

Altered Reality


American Acoustic

Amigos Invisibles (Arepa 3000) 09/12/00

Amigos Invisibles (New Sound Of The Venezuelan) 03/28/00

Another Sky

Anutha Zone


Aral (Aral) 09/26/00


Armando's Fire

Art & Life (+1 Bonus Track)

At The Drive-In (Relationship Of Command) 09/12/00

Au Ras Des Paquerettes


Banyan (Anytime At All) 02/23/99

Bay Area's Greatest Hits (1/Platinum Balla's) 10/20/98

Beenie Man ( Art And Life) 07/11/00

Beenie Man (Art And Life) 07/11/00

Behind The Day (Journey Of A Vampire) 09/08/98

Being John Malkovich (Original Motion Picture S) 12/14/99

Beleza Tropical (2/Novo Mais Melhor ) 04/04/00

Benedetti Svoboda (Flamenco Dreams) 04/21/98

Best Album In The World Ever Vtdcd96

Best Album In World Ever 3

Best Club Anthems 2000

Best Dance Album 95

Best Dance Album In The World Ever V.5

Best Girl Power Album Ever

Best Jukebox Album In The World Ever

Best Musicals Album Ever

Best Of

Best Of Rap City

Best Of Rap City

Best Opera Album In The World...Ever (Var (2cd) 07/27/99

Best Pepsi Chart Album Ever

Best Punk Album In The World Ever

Best Summer Ever

Big Mike (Somethin' Serious)

Big Mike (Still Serious) 04/08/97

Big Tease (Original Motion Picture Sndtrk) 01/18/00

Billie (Honey To The B) 05/18/99

Bix Mix 97 V.2

Bloque (Bloque) 03/28/00

Blur (Blur) 03/11/97


Bottine Souriante (Rock Reel) 11/02/99


Boy George (Cheapness And Beauty) 08/29/95

Brazil Classics (2/Various) 03/28/00

Brazil Classics (3/Various) 03/28/00

Bring It On

Brother Cane (Seeds) 07/04/95

Brother Cane (Wishpool) 03/31/98

Buckethead (Colma) 03/24/98

Buckethead (Giant Robot) 08/29/00

Burn To Shine

Bushwick Bill (Little Big Man)

Bushwick Bill (Phantom Of The Rapra) 07/11/95

Cajun All Stars (Chez Les Cajuns) 07/13/99

Cd - Dune - Forever

Cd The Auteurs "After Murder Park"

Celestial (Spirit House) 03/24/98

Celtic Aire

Celtic Song

Celtic Soul

Chumbawamba Anarchy

Chuscales (Encuentros Del Alma) 04/06/99

Circus (1995) By Lenny Kravitz


Club Anthems 99


Combat Des Sens Album By Ame Strong


Come To Where I'm From

Common Sense (Psychedelic Surf Groove) 07/29/97

Continental Drifter

Cool Frenesie

Cracker (Garage D'or) 04/04/00

Cuba Classics (2/Dancing With The Enemy) 03/28/00

Cuba Classics (3/Diablo Al Infierno) 03/28/00

Cuban Nights

Culture (Harder Than The Rest) 10/03/00

Cusco (Ancient Journeys) 02/29/00

Cusco (Apurimac) 08/26/97

D'angelo ( Voodoo) 01/25/00

Da Crime Family

Daft Punk (Homework) 03/25/97

Dancing Fantasy (Dancing Fantasy) 05/18/99

Dancing With The Muse

David Bowie Let's Dance Cd

Day One (Ordinary Man) 02/29/00

Dc Talk (Supernatural) 09/22/98

Dead Cities


Dick (Original Motion Picture Sndtrk) 07/27/99

Dimitri From Paris (A Night At The Playboy Mans) 04/25/00

Disco & The Halfway To Discontent


Do Or Die ( Victory) 08/29/00

Do Or Die (Headz Or Tailz) 04/07/98


Don't Look Back


Down In The Delta (Film Sndtrk) 12/08/98

Duckdown Presents...

Duran Duran (Arena) 08/15/00

Dust To Gold

Eco De Sombras (Echo Of Shadows)

Ekstasis (Wake Up And Dream) 10/20/98


Enigma (The Screen Behind The Mirror) 01/18/00

Eternal E

Fabrication Defect

Facemob (Other Side Of The Law) 08/06/96

Facts And Fiction

Faire Celts (A Woman's Voice) 02/15/00

Fatboy Slim ((Cd G)(Cd )On The Floor At The Boutique) 03/28/00

Felix Da Housecat Justin Robertson Bugged Out!

Fifth Element (Film Sndtrk) 05/06/97


Force Field

Frequency 99 (Greatest Hits Of The '90s (2cd)) 03/27/01

Furslide (Adventure) 10/06/98

Gaelic Storm (Gaelic Storm) 07/28/98

Gang Starr (Moment Of Truth) 03/31/98

Gattaca (Film Sndtrk.) 10/21/97

Genesis - Turn It On Again - The Hits

Gentleman's Blues

Geraldine Fibbers (Butch) 07/01/97

Geraldine Fibbers (Lost Somewhere Between The Earth) 07/18/95

Geto Boys (Da Good Da Bad Da Ugly) 11/17/98

Geto Boys (Geto Boys)

Geto Boys (Making Trouble)

Geto Boys (The Resurrection) 04/02/96

Geto Boys (Till Death Do Us Part)

Geto Boys (Uncut Dope)

Geto Boys (We Cant Be Stopped)

Ghetto Twinz (In The Water) 07/01/97

Ghetto Twinz (No Pain/No Gain) 09/22/98

Gladiators (Trench Town Mix Up) 10/31/00

Goldeneye (Film Sndtrk.) 11/14/95

Gomez (Liquid Skin) 07/25/00

Govi (Andalusian Nights) 01/26/99

Govi (Seventh Heaven) 08/15/00

Grand Opening

Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits (2cd)

Green Bus-En Public

Grip It On That Other Level

Grown Man

Guns In The Ghetto

Gypsy Fire

Heart Still Beating (Live)

Hidden World


Hits Cd European Virgin 1998

I Roy (Heart Of A Lion) 10/17/00

I-10 Chronicles

Ice Cube - War Peace - Vol. 2 The Peace Discc

Icebreakers (Planet Mars Dub) 10/17/00

Ideal (Ideal) 06/06/00

Images Of Nepal

Imaginations From The Other Side

In Tha Beginning There Wa

In The Wake Of Poseidon

In With The Out Crowd

Indigo Spirit

Inhuman Nature

Inspector Morse Volume 2 Cd

Instrumental Moods

Island Sanctuary


Jarabe De Palo (La Flaca) 01/13/98

Jazz A Saint-Germain


Jon Vangelis (Page Of Life) 02/24/98

Jorge Drexler Llueve

Journeys (Journeys) 03/28/00

Junction Seven


Keep Moving

Kelis (Kaleidoscope) 12/07/99

King Chango

King Crimson (Contrukction Of Light) 05/23/00

King Crimson (Thrak) 04/25/95

Kitaro (Dream) 10/26/99

Kitaro (Gaia) 05/19/98

Kitaro (Thinking Of You) 11/02/99


L'absolutely Meilleur Of Renaud

La Esperanza (La Esperanza) 09/22/98

La Haine

Labour Of Love Iii

Labour Of Love/Labour Of Love 2 Cd Uk Dep International 1994


Lara Reyes (World Jazz) 10/24/00

Laroo (Fear No Fate) 08/20/98

Last Of A Dying Breed

Leahy (Stepping Out) 02/10/98

Lecole Du Micro D'argent

Les Nubians (Princesses Nubiennes) 09/22/98

Let It Come Down

Let's Stick Together

Liaisons Dangereuses

Liberte Egalite Franternite Ou La Mort

Liquid Skin

Liquid Skin (Limited Edition)

Liquid Sunshine

Live In America

Live Takes 1

Living In The Flood

Living Music


Long As I Have You


Los De Abajo (Los De Abajo) 03/28/00

Los Umbrellos (Flamenco Funk) 02/10/98


Luniz (Lunitik Muzik) 11/11/97

Luniz (Operation Stackola) 07/04/95

Luniz Lunitik Muzik

Made Man

Maids Of Gravity (Strange Channel) 04/30/97

Manic Street Preachers (This Is My Truth Tell M) 06/08/99

Mara (Sezoni) 06/29/99

Massive Attack (Mezzanine) 05/12/98

Master P Pres.No Limit All Sta

Maximum Hardcore


Mighty Diamonds (Ice On Fire) 10/31/00



Mistigri Tortune

Modern World

Mondo Beat


Morceaux Choisis

Most Relaxing Classical Album In The World (Var) 06/04/99

Mr Scarface Is Back

Musigues Nuit 2

Myst (Video Game Soundtrack)

Mythos (Mythos) 10/20/98

Mythos (The Reality Of A Dreamer) 04/25/00

N.W.A. - Greatest Hits - The World's Most Dangerous

Native Vibe (Spirits) 04/20/99

New Dawn

New Pure Moods

Newsboys (Step Up To The Microphone) 06/30/98

Nice Girl Wrong -Maxi Cd

Niya Yesh

No Limit Soldiers Compilation

No Style

No Such Place

Northern Star


Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 1

O.M.D. (The Omd Singles) 11/24/98


Once In A Blue Universe

One 2 One

One Minute Science

Only God Can Judge Me

Oops!...I Did It Again

Out On My Own


P18 (Urban Cuban) 10/19/99

Parallel Dreams

Perfect Circle Mer De Noms Vinyl

Persona Non Grata

Photek (Solaris) 09/19/00

Picture This

Pimp Image-Whisper 2000 Cd

Pimpin On Wax

Piranha 2-Upfront Compila

Pit Baccardi

Placebo (Without You I'm Nothing(2 Disc)) 10/17/01

Placebo (Without You I'm Nothing) 11/03/98


Playing My Game

Post Orgasmic Chill [Enhanced Cd]


Premiere Classe 1


Primal Scream (Xtrmntr) 05/02/00

Prince Far I (Message From The King) 10/31/00

Private Reserve

Psycho (Original Motion Picture Score) 06/08/99

Pure Moods


Queensryche (Greatest Hits) 06/27/00


Rated G


Realworld Sampler



Rey De La Rumba

Rhythm & Groove

Richard Ashcroft - Alone With Everybody - 2000 - Cdhutx63


Riven (Original Score)


Rizwan-Muazzam Quawwali (Sacrifice To Love) 07/27/99

Rob Roy (Film Sndtrk) 05/02/95

Rolling Stones (Bridges To Babylon) 09/25/97

Rolling Stones (Flashpoint) 11/17/98

Rolling Stones (Jamming With Edward) 03/25/97

Rolling Stones (Love You Live) 11/17/98

Rolling Stones (No Security) 11/03/98

Rolling Stones (Still Life) 11/17/98

Rolling Stones (Stripped) 05/06/98

Rolling Stones- Bridges To Babylon

Romeo Must Die (Original Motion Picture Sndtrk) 03/28/00

Ross-Levine Band (That Summer Something) 02/23/99

Rough News

Roxy Music (Avalon) 03/14/00

Roxy Music (Country Life) 03/14/00

Roxy Music (Siren) 03/14/00

Roxy Music (The Early Years) 10/17/00

Roxy Music (Viva ) 03/14/00

Roy D. Mercer Greatest Hits

Rutles (Archaeology) 10/29/96

Rxra By Eric Serra (Music Cd)

Sacred Cow

Sacred Spirits

Scarface ( Last Of A Dying Breed) 10/03/00

Scarface (My Homies) 03/03/98

Scarface (The Untouchable) 03/11/97

Scarface (The World Is Yours)

Scritti Politti (Anomie Bonhomie) 01/25/00

Secret Of The Hidden Temple

Serious Tam


Sex Pistols (Filthy Lucre Live) 07/23/96

Shaggy (Boombastic) 07/11/95

Shaggy (Midnite Lover) 08/26/97

Shahin Sepehr (World Cafe) 06/30/98

Shaolin Soul Vol.02

Shawn Lee Monkey Boy

Shinji (Aqua Blue) 05/04/99

Shonen Knife (Birds The B-Sides) 03/05/96


Sing Or Die


Smashing Pumpkins (Adore) 06/02/98

Smashing Pumpkins (Mellon Collie /Infinite Sadn) 10/24/95

Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness Cassette Tapes

Smashing Pumpkins- Adore

Sneaker Pimps (Becoming X) 02/25/97

Snowin Under My Skin


Somethin In The Water

Soul Ii Soul (5/Believe) 09/26/95


Spaccanapoli (Lost Souls) 08/29/00

Space Between Us

Spanish Gardens

Specials (Today's Specials) 05/14/96

Speed 2: Cruise Control: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Star Rise

Sur Sudha (Festivals Of Nepal) 02/23/99

Sutra Spin

Sweet Hereafter (Film Sndtrk) 11/18/97

Talking Stick

Tangerine Dream (Tangents Box Set) 03/28/00

Tangerine Dream - Thief - Soundtrack

Tela (Now Or Never) 10/06/98

Tela (The World Ain't Enuff) 09/19/00

Texas Tornados (Live From The Limo) 07/13/99

The Best ... Anthems ... Ever

The Best ... Anthems ...Ever

The Best 80's Album In The World ...Ever

The Blues Album 40 Track Double Cd

The Bride Stripped Bare

The Buddha Of Suburbia

The Love Album Ii Cd

The Moods Series

The Spiral Gate

These Foolish Things

Todo El Poder (Musica De La Pelicula) 08/23/01

Top Dogg

Toujours Moi

Trance.Atlantic.Air.Waves (The Energy Of Sound) 07/14/98

Troika (Shaman) 06/06/00

U Roy (Jah Son Of Africa) 10/31/00

Ub40 - The Best Of - Volume One

Ub40 - The Best Of - Volume Two

Ub40 - The Dancehall Album - Uk - 1998 - Depcd17

Un Poquito Quema'o

Unbelievable Truth (Almost Here) 10/20/98

Urban Knights (3/Urban Knights) 02/29/00

Urge (Too Much Stereo) 07/18/00

Us Crush

Vanessa-Mae (Storm) 07/14/98

Various Artists - Christmas - The Best Christmas Ever

Various Artists - Jazz - Jazz A Saint Germain

Various Artists - Rap - N.W.A. Legacy - Volume 1

Vas (In The Garden Of Souls) 05/09/00

Vas (Offerings) 09/22/98

Verve (A Northern Soul) 06/20/95

Verve (Urban Hymns) 09/30/97

Very Best Of

Vh1 Storytellers/Greatest Moments


Vieter Versuch

Vital Dub (Well Charged) 10/17/00

Voices Of The Real World

Vol. 2-Sacred Spirit

Vol. 5-Best Album In The World Ever

Walking On


We Are Three

We Have Come For Your Parents

Well Charged [Vinyl]


Whale (We Care) 08/01/95

Wicked Buddah Baby

World Ain't Enuff

Wow Hits 2002 (Video)

Yanni (If I Could Tell You) 10/03/00

Yanni (Tribute) 11/04/97

Young Dubliners (Red) 06/20/00

Yulara (Cosmic Tree) 01/27/98

Yulara (Future Tribe) 10/24/00

Zap Mama (Sabsylma) 03/28/00

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