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100% Fun

12 Gauge (12 Gauge) 12/10/99

2 Skinnee J's (Volumizer) 03/19/02

20 Fingers (Compilation) 09/11/96




311 ( Music) 02/08/01

311 ( Soundsystem) 10/12/99

311 ( Transistor) 08/05/97

311 ((Cd G)From Chaos) 06/19/01

311 (Grassroots) 02/08/01

311 (Music) 02/08/01


48 Hours (Original Sndtrk) 11/22/99

Acid Jazz 1

Ain't Had Enough Fun

Akinyele (Aktapuss) 11/23/99

Akinyele (Put It In Your Mouth (Ep)) 09/11/96

Alfonzo Blackwell


Artie The 1 Man Party (A Mover La Colita) 11/07/95

Back From The Living

Bad Hair Day

Baywatch (Tv Sndtrk) 01/15/99




Big Wheel

Bombs & Butterflies

Boom Boom Baby

Box Set (Thread) 01/13/98


Cafferty B.B.Band (Roadhouse) 11/19/99

Cafferty B.B.Band (Tough All Over) 11/19/99

Can We Talk

Cause Effect (Another Minute) 09/11/96

Chris Thomas King

Cliffhanger (Film Sndtrk.) 11/22/99

Club Ladies Night

Cobra (Film Sndtrk) 12/10/99

Comrads ( Comrads) 07/15/97

Comrads (Comrads) 07/08/97

Crazyhorse Mongoose


Dixie Dregs (Bring 'Em Back Alive) 02/08/01

Dixie Dregs (Full Circle) 02/08/01


Double Smash Hits

E.L.O. (Greatest Hits-Live) 11/19/99

E.L.O. (Part Ii) 10/01/01

Eddie The Cruisers (2/Sndtrk) 01/15/99

Eddie The Cruisers (The Unreleased Tapes) 01/15/99

Edie Brickell

Endangered Species

Even Worse

Fiji Mariners

Fiji Mariners (Fiji-Feat.Col.B.Hampton) 06/18/96

Freddy Jones Band (North Ave. Wake Up Call) 08/08/95

Free Mars

G-Wiz (Naughty Bits) 11/22/99

Galactic (Coolin' Off) 07/07/98

Galactic (Late For The Future) 04/04/00

Gillette (Shake Your Money Maker) 09/11/96

Gillette Produced By 20 Fingers ( On The Attack) 09/11/96

Gillette Produced By 20 Fingers (On The Attack) 09/11/96

Giving Birth To A Stone

Gov't Mule (Live W/A Little Help Fr (4cd)Col.Ed) 11/16/99

Gov't Mule (Live...With A Little Help) 03/23/99


Great White (Sail Away) 09/11/96

Green Jelly (Cereal Killer Soundtrack) 09/11/96

Harmony By The Nylons (Volcano)

Here's To The Losers

Hoodoo Gurus (Blue Cave) 09/11/96

Hoodoo Gurus (Crank) 09/11/96


I'm Real

Ian Moore

In Reverse

Interpreters (Back In The U.S.S.A.) 09/30/97

Jazz Fest Masters

Jazz Masters (Bourbon) 11/22/99

Jazzfest Masters-The Trumpeter

Jazzfest Masters-Traditionals

Killing Joke (Pandemonium) 09/11/96



Lateralus (Vinyl Record Picture Discs)

Laugh Syndicate (Phone Jackin') 11/19/99

Let Me Ride Again

Levante Las Manos

Life Before Insanity

Little Feat (Live From Neon Park) 09/11/96



Live From Austin

Love Jones (Powerful Pain Relief) 09/11/96


Mad Love (Film Sndtrk) 09/11/96


Max-A-Million (Take Your Time) 09/11/96

Mile High Live

Modernday Folklore

Mojave (Electronic Music Compilation) 08/12/97

Music (1993) By 311

Nais (Str-8 From Da Boot) 10/24/95

Never Talk To Strangers (1995 Film)

Nice Smooth (Blazing Hot) 10/28/97

Nylons (Four On The Floor) 12/28/01

Nylons (Live To Love) 11/22/99

Nylons (Run For Cover) 03/19/96

O'jays (Love You To Tears) 07/15/97

Odds (Bedbugs) 09/11/96

Odds (Neopolitan) 09/11/96

Only The Strong (Film Sndtrk) 09/11/96

Permanent Record

Procol Harum (The Prodigal Stranger) 09/11/96

Prolonging The Magic

Rambo (3/Film Sndtrk) 11/22/99

Remy (Roll Wit Us) 05/28/96

Replicants (Replicants) 09/11/96

Rocky (4/Film Sndtrk) 12/13/99

Rocky (Story/Hlts.1-5) 01/29/99



Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies (Magnolia) 04/22/97

Self (Subliminal Plastic Motive) 09/11/96

Size 14 (Size 14) 07/29/97

Skee-Lo (I Wish) 06/27/95

Slow Dark Train

So Hi How Are You

Soft Tones Of Acid Jazz (Various) 11/22/99

Son Of Altered Beast



Stereophonic Spanish Fly


Survivor (2/Jim Jamison/Collection) 03/15/99

Survivor (Caught In The Game) 09/25/01

Survivor (Eye Of The Tiger) 01/15/99

Survivor (Jim Jamison/Collection) 12/20/99

Survivor (Premonition) 09/25/01

Survivor (Survivor) 09/25/01

Sweet Sable (Sweet Sable) 11/22/99

That 70s Show (That 70s Album (Jammin')) 09/28/99

The Dukes Of Hazzard (Tv Series)

The Freddy Jones Band

Til The Medicine Takes

To Kool Chris (It's Time 2 Party (Ep)) 02/19/98

Too Hot To Sleep

Tool ( Undertow) 09/11/96

Tool (Aenima) 09/11/96

Tool (Lateralus) 05/15/01

Tool (Opiate (Ep)) 09/11/96

Tool (Undertow) 09/11/96

Tool Lateralus Cassette 2001 Zomba Recordings

Tool Opiate Cassette Release March 10th 1992


Truck Stop Love (How I Spent My Summer Vacation) 04/11/95

Universal James

Voce (Angelic Choir) 11/22/99

Waiting For The Night

We Love 'Em Tonight (Live At Tipitina's)


Widespread Panic

Widespread Panic (Ain't Life Grand)

Widespread Panic (Everyday) 11/15/00

Widespread Panic (Light Fuse Get Away) 04/21/98

Widespread Panic (Space Wrangler) 11/15/00

Workin For A Living

Y Tu MamA TambiAn

Yella (One Mo Nigga Ta Go) 03/26/96

Young Dubliners (Rocky Road) 12/09/99

Young Soul Rebels (Film Sndtrk) 11/22/99

Zoo Rave 1

Zoo Rave Ii

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