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2 Bad Card (Hustling Ability) 05/21/96


80's Vs 90's

90 Day Men (To Everybody) 02/11/02

90-Day Men (It Is It Critical Band) 09/28/00

Action Battlefield

Adrian Sherwood Presents The Master Recording (V) 01/05/99

African Head Charge (Environmental Studies) 01/23/98

African Head Charge (My Life In A Hole) 08/18/98

African Head Charge (Songs Of Praise) 05/28/02



Artificial Horizon

Atombombpocketknife (Alpha Sounds) 05/09/00

Atombombpocketknife (Atombombpocketknife) 05/25/99

Audio Active (Apollo Choco Remixed Ep) 07/09/01

Audio Active (Happy Happer) 03/23/99

Bardo Pond (Big Laughing Jym) 11/21/95

Barmy Army (The English Disease) 07/14/98

Battle Champions

Beefeater (Plays For Lovers House) 04/25/97

Bloodthirsty Butchers (Bloodthirsty Butchers) 02/06/96

Bluetip (Post Mortem Anthem) 11/20/01

Braid (Frame And Canvas) 04/22/98

Branch Manager

Branch Manager (Anything Tribal) 08/13/97

Burning Airlines (Identikit) 05/08/01

Buzz Hungry (At The Hands Of Our Intercessors) 11/21/95


Capitol City Dusters (Rock Creek) 04/02/02

Caterpillar (A Thousand Million Micronauts) 04/24/97

Caterpillar (Macdorium Chlorium Chloe) 05/28/96

Cavity (Drowning) 10/29/96

Check Engine (Check Engine) 01/21/02

Chumbawamba (Shhh) 12/09/97

Citizen Fish (Flinch)

Cluster (Live In Japan 1996) 06/03/97


Crownhate Ruin (Until The Eagle Grins) 05/17/96

Curiousity & Relief

Curves That Kick

Dag Nasty (Can I Say/Wig Out At...)

Dark Days Coming

Dark Side Of Moog 4

Deep End


Dianogah (Millions Of Brazilians) 04/15/02

Dischord No. 101

Disco Plate Collection 2

Discreet Journey Digitalis

Dismemberment Plan ( )

Drastic Season

Dub Syndicate (Echomania) 02/19/02

Dub Syndicate (Live April 1991) 09/07/99

Dub Syndicate (Pounding System) 03/03/98

Dub Syndicate (Research Development) 11/12/96

Dub Syndicate (Strike The Balance) 07/14/98

Egg Hunt (Me You/We All Fall Down) 06/24/97

Eggs (Bruiser) 04/29/97



Faith/Void (Faith/Void)

Faraquet (View From This Tower) 11/20/00

Faucet (Faucet) 11/21/95

Fire Party (Fireparty) 11/12/96

Frequency Lib

Frightwig (Wild Women Never Die) 04/29/97

From The Source

Fugazi (Argument) 10/23/01

Fugazi (Instrument) 04/27/99

Fugazi (Red Medicine)

Fugazi (Steady Diet Of Nothing)

Funki Porcini (Zombie) 03/22/00

Girls Against Boys (Tropic Of Scorpio) 04/22/97

Goatsnake (Dog Days) 03/14/00

Gobi The Desert

God Save The Abpk

Goodbye Dr Fate


Gray Matter (Thog)




High Back Chairs (Of Two Minds)

Holy Rollers

Holy Rollers (Fabuley)

Hoover (Lurid Traversal Of Route 7) 03/27/97

I Know About You

Ignition (Complete Services) 04/25/97

In Darkness There Is No Choice


It Must Be A Dream

Ital Breakfast

Join Us


Karate (In Place Of Real Insight) 04/29/97

Karate (The Bed Is In The Ocean) 11/16/98

Klangmaschine Soundmachine

Lapse (Heaven Ain't Happenin') 05/08/00

Let Them Eat


Lungfish (Indivisible) 04/22/97

Lungfish (Necrophones) 11/20/00

Lungfish (Sound In Time) 02/20/96

Lungfish (Talking Songs Necklace) 04/25/97

Lustre King (Shoot The Messenger) 04/13/99

Machine Is Not Broken

Maid To Minx

Make-Up (In Mass Mind) 04/22/98

Make-Up After Dark


Minor Forest (So They Were In Some Sort (2-Cd)

Missing Brazilians (Warzone) 11/25/97

Monolake (Cinemascope) 11/13/01

Nation Of Ulysses (13 Point Program To Destroy America)

Nation Of Ulysses (Plays Pretty For Baby) 04/25/97

New Breed Of Dub

No Kill No Beep Beep

Nomeansno (Generic Shame) 08/16/01


North Of The River Thames



Off The Beaten Path

One Way System


Pass & Stow

Pay It All Back 4


Primitive Origins

Professor Stretch Vs.African H (Drums Of Defian) 09/22/98

Prong (Force Fed) 02/13/98

Psychonavigation 2

Psychotic Jonkanoo

Random Industries (Selected Random Works) 11/14/00

Raymond Brake (Piles Of Dirty Winters) 05/07/97



Retsin (Egg Fusion) 04/08/96

Retsin (Salt Lick)

Reverse Eclipse

Revolutionary Dub Warriors (Deliverance-Reactio) 03/14/00

Revolutionary Dub Warriors (State Of Evolution) 08/20/96


Round One To Round Five (1993-1999) 12/07/99

Scrawl (Bloodsucker)

Scream (Fumble)

Scream (Still Screaming)

Severin (Acid To Ashes)

Shudder To Think (Get Your Goat)

Singers Players (Revenge Of The Underdog) 01/13/98

Singers Players (War Of Words) 10/06/98

Skewbald (Grand Union) 10/16/97

Slant 6 (Inzombia)

Slow Loris (Ten Commanments Two) 11/06/96

Smart Went Crazy (Now We're Even) 02/20/96

Smoothies (Pickle)

Soda Pop Rip Off

Solid Brass

Sonar 2001

Soon Come Happy

Space Toilet [Vinyl]

Spirit Of Vampyros Lesbos (Sndtrk) 10/21/97


Staggering Heights

Starship Africa

Stilluppsteypa (Interferences Are Often Request) 12/14/99

Stilluppsteypa (Stories Part Five) 09/18/01

Stinking Lizaveta (...Hopelessness And Shame) 05/28/96

Sto Cazzo

Stoned Immaculate

Stratford Mercenaries (No Sighing Strain Of Vio) 07/21/98

Super System

Sweep The Leg Johnny (Tomorrow We Will Run Fast) 04/20/99

Teen Idles

Teenbeat 96 Exploder

Temponauta (155.521.981.589.103) 03/25/02

The Warmers

Time Warp [Single-Cd]

Tour Single

Trusty (The Fourth Wise Man) 11/12/96

Tsunami (The Heart's Tremlo)

Tsunami (World Tour Other Destinations) 07/06/00

Tunes From The Missing Channel

Ui (2 Sided Ep/The Sharpie) 03/24/98

Ui (Sidelong) 04/08/96

Ui (The Iron Apple) 11/17/99

Unanimous Hour


Until The Eagle Grins [Vinyl]

Velvet Hammer

Versus The World


Warhorse (As Heaven Turns To Ash...) 01/23/01

Wurmloch Variationen

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