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Tom (1/Early Years) 08/30/96

Tom (2/Early Years) 09/12/96

Tom (Alice) 05/07/02

Tom (Beautiful Maladies) 06/16/98

Tom (Big Time)

Tom (Blood Money) 05/07/02

Tom (Blue Valentine)

Tom (Closing Time)

Tom (Foreign Affairs)

Tom (Frank's Wild Years)

Tom (J/Variations 2) 05/13/99

Tom (Mule Variations) 04/27/99

Tom (Nighthawks At The Diner)

Tom (On Heartattack Vine)

Tom (Rain Dogs)

Tom (Small Change)

Tom (Swordfishtrombones)

Tom (The Heart Of Saturday Night)

Tom (Used Songs (1973-1980)) 10/16/01

Tom - Asylum Years

Tom - Blue Valentine

Tom - Closing Time

Tom - Foreign Affairs

Tom - Heartattack And Vine

Tom - Nighthawks At The Diner

Tom - On The Scene '73

Tom - Used Songs (1973-1980)

Tribute/Step Right Up)

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