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A Life In Song) 10/26/99

Albertina (Best Of) 05/15/01

Albertina (He Keeps On Blessing Me) 06/26/00

Albertina (He Keeps On Blessing) 05/20/97

Albertina (I'm Still Here) 06/26/97

Albertina (Live In Chicago) 05/20/97

Albertina (Live) 09/19/01

Albertina (Sail Away Some Bright Morning) 11/01/99

Albertina (Sail Away) 04/23/02

Albertina (Songs Of The Church) 05/20/97

Best Of) 01/13/98

Billy (Billy Walker) 08/06/99

Billy (Cross The Brazos At Waco) 06/03/97

Billy (Greatest All Time Cowboy Hits) 12/14/98

Billy (Greatest Hits On Monument)

Billy Joe (Warm Front) 10/21/96

Bruno (Conducts Mahler Sym.9) 05/07/01

Butch - Left Of Self-Centered

Charles (Leavin' This Old Town) 04/25/00

Chris (First Time) 10/21/96

Cindy (Words Music) 01/16/02

Clay (Clay Walker)

Clay (Greatest Hits) 06/09/98

Clay (Hypnotize The Moon) 10/17/95

Clay (If I Could Make A Living)

Clay (Rumor Has It) 04/08/97

Clay (Say No More) 03/27/01

Clay - Christmas

Clay - Greatest Hits

Clay - Say No More

Django (Down The Road) 04/02/02

Hezekiah (By Any Means Necessary) 05/20/97

Hezekiah (Family Affair) 11/09/99

Hezekiah (Focus On Glory) 05/20/97

Hezekiah (Focus On Glory) 06/26/00

Hezekiah (Gospel Greats) 01/06/98

Hezekiah (Live In Atlanta) 05/20/97

Hezekiah (Live In London) 05/20/97

Hezekiah (Live In Toronto) 05/20/97

Hezekiah (Presents Lft Church Choir) 03/20/01

Hezekiah (Presents The Lft Church Choir) 07/28/98

Hezekiah - Family Affair

Hezekiah - Family Affair Ii - Live At Radio City Music Hall

Jerry Jeff (Bein' Free) 01/25/00

Jerry Jeff (Best Of The Vanguard Years) 03/23/99

Jerry Jeff (Driftin' Way O Life)

Jerry Jeff (Five Years Gone) 01/25/00

Jerry Jeff (Live At Gruene Hall) 07/31/01

Jerry Jeff (Mr. Bojangles)

Jerry Jeff (Night After Night) 02/09/96

Jerry Jeff (Ridin' High)

Jerry Jeff (Scamp) 10/11/96

Jerry Jeff (Viva Terlingua) 06/17/99

Jerry Jeff - Best Of Elektra Sessions

Jim (Free Flight/Beyond The Clouds) 11/23/98

Jimmie J.J. ( Dy-No-Mite) 10/12/99

Jimmie J.J. (Dy-No-Mite) 10/12/99

Jimmy (Helfer/Rough Ready) 02/21/97

Jimmy (Small Town Baby) 09/16/98

Joe Louis (2/Live At Slim's)

Joe Louis (Blue Soul)

Joe Louis (Blues Of/Month Club) 09/12/95

Joe Louis (Cold Is The Night)

Joe Louis (Great Guitars) 04/08/97

Joe Louis (Jlw)

Joe Louis (Live At Slim's)

Joe Louis (Preacher And The President) 08/25/98

Joe Louis (Silvertone Blues) 10/05/99

Joe Louis (The Gift)

Joe Louis - Guitar Brothers With Otis Grand

Johnny (Blue Love) 09/03/96

Junior (Shake And Fingerpop) 05/23/96

Junior /All-Stars (Motown Legends) 10/15/01

Karry (Lipsbury Pinfold) 06/22/99

Kit (Freehouse) 12/18/00

Melissa (I Saw The Sky) 09/25/01

Melissa (May I Feel) 10/21/97

Melissa (Moment Of Truth) 10/19/99

Perry Mason Collector's Edition (Cases Of Moth-Eaten Mink And Lavender Lipstick)

Phillip (Blues)

Phillip (Bottom Of The Top)

Phillip (Someday You'll Have These Blues)

Robert (Promised Land) 03/11/97

Scott (Looking Back With...) 02/18/98

T Bone - T Bone Blues

T Bone - The Very Best Of

T-Bone (Back On The Scene) 04/20/01

T-Bone (Back On The Scene) 08/10/99

T-Bone (Complete Imperial Recordings) 10/21/96

T-Bone (Good Feelin')

T-Bone (No Worry Blues) 04/16/01

T-Bone (Rare And Well Done) 05/23/96

T-Bone (Rare Well Done) 06/27/97

T-Bone (Stormy Monday) 11/29/96

T-Bone (Stormy Monday) 12/18/01

T-Bone (T-Bone Blues)

T-Bone (T-Bone Blues) 02/08/00

T-Bone (T-Bone Blues-The Essential Recor) 06/13/00

T-Bone (T-Bone Shuffle) 05/19/98

T-Bone (The Legendary T-Bone Walker) 06/03/96

T-Bone (The Original Source) 04/10/02

T-Bone (The Very Best Of) 04/11/00

T. (Live Worship Collection) 10/23/00

The Great Reality

The Very Best Of) 06/20/00

Thomas L. (Silver Annv. Release)

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