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Chip (Having Thumb Fun With My Friends) 04/25/00

Claude (Dj Kicks) 02/01/99

Complete Sessions (3cd)) 11/04/97

Dave (2/Two By Two) 03/25/96

Dave (Burton/Inner Urge) 04/07/98

Dave (Tales Of The Fingers) 10/17/00

Dave (Two By Two) 08/22/95

David (Appassionata) 03/20/01

David (Life Stories) 03/26/96

Faron (All-Time Greatest Hits)

Faron (Country Stars Stripes) 05/03/02

Faron (Here's To You) 11/07/01

Faron (It's Four In The Morning) 09/24/98

Faron (The Best Of Faron Young) 09/24/98

Faron (The Complete Capitol Hits Of (2cd)) 03/09/01

Faron (The Hits) 03/31/98

Friends Relatives) 12/05/00

Fromental Halevy - La Juive

Jacob (Jacob Young) 09/06/01

Jesse Colin (Greatest Hits Records) 12/04/01

Jesse Colin (Love On The Wing) 06/25/96

John B. (Prisms) 12/14/99

Johnny ( His Friends) 02/21/97

Johnny (Classic Chicago Blues)

Larry (Groove Street) 12/13/94

Larry (Testifying)

Larry (Young Blues)

Leo (Cosmic Land) 06/10/97

Leo (Magickal Childe) 10/09/01

Lester (1/In Washington)

Lester (1943-1946) 08/04/97

Lester (1946-1947) 12/15/98

Lester (2/1956 Washington D.C.) 02/27/96

Lester (3/In Washington D.C. 1956) 10/08/96

Lester (5/In Washington D.C. 1956) 11/30/98

Lester (Amadeus) 12/07/99

Lester (Best Of Lester Young)

Lester (Blue Lester) 03/24/00

Lester (Blue Lester) 08/16/99

Lester (Complete Aladdin Recordings) 09/26/95

Lester (Complete Studio Sessions (8cd)) 10/17/99

Lester (Easy Does It 1936-1940) 09/17/96

Lester (Exercise In Swing) 11/23/99

Lester (His Best Recordings 1936-1945) 01/05/98

Lester (Is Is Jazz) 05/06/97

Lester (Jammin' The Blues) 10/31/00

Lester (Jazz Giants)

Lester (Lester Leaps In)

Lester (Lester Swings) 09/21/99

Lester (Lester Young Trio)

Lester (Los Angeles To New York 1944-1946) 09/04/01

Lester (Master Takes) 08/16/99

Lester (Master's Touch) 08/16/99

Lester (Nat King Cole/Complete Recording) 06/15/00

Lester (Pres In Europe) 02/17/00

Lester (Pres Teddy)

Lester (Pres) 11/18/97

Lester (Super Sessions) 07/17/96

Lester (The "Kansas City" Sessions) 01/28/97

Lester (The Complete Aladdin Sessions 2cd) 06/15/00

Lester (The Master's Touch) 01/26/98

Lester (The Pres) 03/27/00

Lester (Ultimate Lester Young) 02/24/98

Lester (W/Oscar Peterson Trio) 06/24/97

Lester - Lester Young Memorial Album (Remastered)

Mighty Joe (Bluesy Josephine) 11/30/01

Mighty Joe (Mighty Joe Young) 04/16/02

Mighty Joe (Mighty Man) 04/15/97

Neil ((Ltd)Silver Gold) 04/25/00

Neil (After The Gold Rush)

Neil (Arc)

Neil (Are You Passionate) 04/09/02

Neil (Broken Arrow) 07/02/96

Neil (Comes A Time)

Neil (Crazy Horse/Crazy Moon 7) 10/30/97

Neil (Decade)

Neil (Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere)

Neil (Everybody's Rockin) 01/21/97

Neil (Freedom)

Neil (Harvest Moon)

Neil (Harvest)

Neil (Landing On Water) 12/22/97

Neil (Live Rust)

Neil (Lucky Thirteen)

Neil (Mirror Ball) 06/27/95

Neil (Neil Young)

Neil (Old Ways) 01/30/96

Neil (Old Ways) 08/01/00

Neil (Ragged Glory)

Neil (Rust Never Sleeps)

Neil (Silver Gold) 04/25/00

Neil (Sleeps With Angels)

Neil (This Notes For You)

Neil (Tonight's The Night)

Neil (Trib:Gettin' High On:A Bluegrass Tr) 11/14/00

Neil (Unplugged)

Neil (W/Crazy Horse/Year Of The Horse) 06/17/97

Neil (Zuma)

Neil - Arc

Neil - Decade

Neil - Decade

Neil - Freedom

Neil - Mansion On The Hill

Neil - Mirror Ball

Neil - Neil Young

Neil - Road Rock Vol. 1

Neil - Sleep With Angels

Neil - This Note's For You

Neil - Tonight's The Night

Neil - Unplugged

Neil - Year Of The Horse

Neil - Year Of The Horse

Paul (From Time To Time)

Paul (Love Hurts) 09/27/00

Paul (Super Hits) 07/14/98

Paul - Super Hits

Piano-Bass Duets) 11/19/96

Rich Dangerous By Kris Kross

Rob Eberhard (Sticks Stones) 03/04/97

Steve (Honky Tonk Man) 09/09/97

Steve (Primal Young) 02/22/00

The Pres) 03/17/98

Tommy (Keeper Of The "B") 04/17/01


Tribute/Pickin' On Neil Young) 05/19/98

Tribute/This Notes For You Too ) 04/20/99

Trummy (1944-1946) 04/06/99

Uninvited (The) / Gulliver' S Travels

Victor (Kaufman/Shane) 10/15/96

Webster (For Lady)

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